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Sell or Lease Your Property To Us

Walker Enterprises buys Houses, Duplex, Multi-Family, Apartments and Commercial Properties - and we could Buy yours.

It doesn't matter if it is Pretty, Ugly or Pretty Ugly. If it makes sense, we may also offer to lease your property from you. 


There are many different programs we can use to make sure it is a win-win for everyone. Some real estate investors only use one method - a low-ball offer and promise to close in a few days (which many times is not true).  We will discuss (with you) the property, the current situation (both financial and physical) and your needs - and then make an offer that will hopefully work for everyone involved.


So, if you need to sell a property, - begin by filling out the form: 


Also, check out the free resources below:

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  • How To Stop Foreclosure

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