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The Walker Team is rooted in Integrity.

From the products and services we offer to the people on our team to the way we treat people - the difference can be felt.

Whether we are helping you Invest in Real Estate, helping you succeed by owning your own business or simply providing services or products - we strive for the best and to make people's lives better every day.

Refreshing Change


For Real Estate Investing, The Walker Team is a Refreshing Change to the standard industry thoughts about landlords, property managers and/or real estate investors. We use words like fairness, trust and honesty - and back them up with actions. Yes, we are in business to make money and grow, but not on the backs of others. We want a win-win for those involved with us - whether that is with buyers, sellers, tenants, contractors or vendors. This stance may be different from the norm - and to that, we say "Great".


So, if you need to sell a property, contact us.

If we have a property available for sale or rent, contact us.

Either way, you will feel the difference.


We are always looking for investor partners who may want to invest with confidence.

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The Walker team and Walker Enterprises currently invests in real estate in the Columbus and Central Ohio area.



The Walker Team

3971 Hoover Road #176

Grove City, Ohio 43123

Fx: 614-279-0305


For Real Estate, please address as follows:


Walker Enterprises Investment Company, LLC

3971 Hoover Road #176

Grove City, Ohio 43123

Ph: 614-954-2897


Tyler Walker          Ph: 614-581-6919

Real Estate Investing, Residual Income, Home & Business Essential Services

Heidi Walker         Ph: 614-561-4288

Residual Income, Home and Business Essential Services, Health & Wellness

Ali Walker                   Ph: 614-557-1686

Residual Income, Home and Business Essential Services