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Without the Real Estate Headaches

Who We Are

The Walker Team is Walker Enterprises Investment Company, LLC. for Real Estate Investing.

We are a team committed to Making Lives Better - Every Day.

You can read more on the About Us Page.

What We Do

Walker Enterprises helps people invest in Real Estate - but differently.

The old way was to spend a lot of time and money to attempt to learn the business and industry.  Then, most never start. Our way helps you avoid those things and be able to invest right away . You can take advantage of the Real Estate Dream without all of the time, headaches and inside knowledge of the industry. The returns can be great - better than other

non-secured investments, savings, CDs and retirement accounts - and Real Estate is backed up by a real asset.

Money isn't the only way to invest. Do you have great credit - but not much money? Do you have experience in house flipping, renovations, maintenance or property management? Do you have relationships with those who want to be in Real Estate but don't have the time or knowledge?

Be creative - there are no rules (well, there are some, but we have them covered)

We Buy, Sell, Rent, Lease, Rent to Own and Lease Option multiple types of Real Estate. This includes single family houses, duplex, multi-family, apartments and commercial. 

Click below to Invest, Sell or check out available properties for Rent

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