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Get Residual

For those who have money to invest or money invested and want to earn much more than the bank or current investments

Residual Income Through Real Estate

Without the Real Estate Headaches

The Walker Team is always looking for investors to partner with our great team.



An investor partner could be:

  • Someone who wants to be in the profitible world of real estate, but not want to worry about tenants, insurance, property taxes, contractors, maintenance, etc.

  • Someone who wants their investments secured by a real asset - real estate

  • Someone tired of disappointing interest rates and returns from savings accounts, CDs, retirement accounts, stocks and other investments

  • Someone who is currently a real estate investor who wants to collaborate. 


If you don't exactly fit into one of those categories - That's OK. Investors and partners come in all shapes and sizes - and one size does not fit all. That is one great thing about this industry.

Money is not the only way to invest:

  • Do you have great credit - but not much money?

  • Do you have experience in house flipping, renovations, maintenance or property management?

  • Do you have relationships with those who want to be in Real Estate but don't have the time or knowledge?

Be creative!!


The Walker Team uses words like Fair, Win-Win, Honest and Ethical.

Investors and partners should expect Integrity - and also give it in return.


So, if you are interested in partnering, please email or find all of our contact information on our About Us page.


Download the FREE Report : The Benefits of Lending Private Money


We currently invest in real estate in the Columbus and Central Ohio area - but investors can be from anywhere in the United States.

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