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The Walker Team
Walker Enterprises Investment Company, LLC.

Online Rental Application Details


  • Online rental application link available on the for rent ad post of a specific unit

  • All areas of rental application must be completed

  • All occupants must be included on application

  • Attach - Upload  copy of State ID or Drivers License to application

  • Attach - Upload minimum of 1 month of pay stubs to application

  • Add Co-occupants on page 1 of application with email - they will complete their portion

  • Application Fee is $55 per applicant and covers the background and credit checks

  • Approval can take over a week because of background, credit checks - previous employer & landlord checks

Rental Criteria

  • Credit score number is not the main deciding factor

  • All applications considered provided applicant(s) is/are current on debts/payments and current with past landlords - and not buried in debt so it would be difficult to pay rent

  • Evictions not accepted (will consider if over 10 years old)

  • Criminal: Past sexually related crimes, violent crimes or drug distribution charges not accepted

  • Listed on Sex offender list anywhere - not accepted

  • We accept the best applicant(s) for each unit

  • We do National Credit and Background checks on all applicants

  • Credit, criminal, eviction, previous landlord and job recommendations are taken into account on decisions

  • Basic requirements that help determine acceptance include, but are not limited to:

    • Minimum of 3x rent in take home pay

    • No recent Evictions (10 years)

    • No Violent or Sexual convictions

    • No convictions for harm to others or property

    • Cannot be on sex offender registry

    • Must have plenty of income after debts are considered (based on credit report, must be current with debts and timely payments (based on credit report)

    • Must be in good standing with previous landlords

    • Must provide references

    • Must have at least 6 months continuous employment.

Other Important Information

  • All adult residents must be on lease and must complete application and background check process

  • All minors must be listed on lease

  • Lease terms vary by unit location and will be determined by management

  • Section 8 / CMHA only accepted without changes to the Walker Enterprises lease agreement terms

  • Pets: Small to medium dog only, Cats not permitted

    • We must meet dog before lease signing​

    • Pet agreement required

    • Pet fee is $250.00 one time and $15 monthly

  • Utilities: Gas, Electric, Water (if not included) and trash services billed to Resident by Owner​

    • Utilities remain in owner name - and charges are added to Resident's rental account monthly​

  • Lawn Care: Varies by unit and property

    • SFH and Duplex responsible for yard, mowing and trimming

    • Apartment units responsible for area just outside front door area

    • Condo units responsible for enclosed patio area and just outside front door area

  • Most units are shown by open house only - not private showings - see unit for rent ad for times

    • Dates and times will be scheduled as required to rent unit​

    • Please do not request private showings

      • This is for team member safety and for fair housing practices​

    • The team member showing the unit is not the final decision maker for applicants​

  • The deposit listed rental ad post is a total of the move in fee plus the security deposit amount for the unit​

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